Our collection of Scottish key-rings.

Key rings have a loop to attach a key-ring and are only offered in materials strong enough to withstand some rough treatment and being carried around in pockets, mostly in steel.

The belt design is traditionally used to show membership of a Scottish clan and would usually incorporate the heraldic crest granted to the clan chief, and the clan motto. Clan crests, more properly called a clan badge,  can be worn by anyone associating themselves with the clan. Heraldic crests on the other hand, are only granted to individuals.

  • Saltire keyring in steel with gold electroplate.

    Metal Scottish Flag key fob

  • Haste Ye Back

    Scottish Thistle key fob “Haste ye Back”

  • Clan Maxwell crest keyring

    Clan Maxwell key fob

  • Clan Cameron crest key-ring

    Metal Clan Cameron key fob

  • Clan Gordon crest keyring

    Metal Clan Gordon key fob

  • Clan Keith keyring

    Metal Clan Keith key fob

  • Clan MacIntosh key ring in bronze steel

    Metal Clan MacIntosh key fob

  • Clan MacIntyre crest with motto: Per Ardua

    Metal Clan MacIntyre key fob

  • Clan MacKay key ring in steel

    Metal Clan MacKay key fob

  • Murray clan crest keyring

    Metal Clan Murray key fob

  • Clan Shaw key ring

    Metal Clan Shaw key fob

  • Clan Sutherland key fob

    Metal Clan Sutherland key fob

  • Clan Watson - Inseperata Floruit

    Metal Clan Watson key fob

  • Clan Fraser keyring 3d printed to order ion polished bronze

    Bronze Clan Fraser of Lovat keyring

  • Clan Davidson: Sapienter Si Sincere

    Metal Clan Davidson keyring

  • Metal Clan Gunn keyring

    Metal Clan Gunn keyring

  • Metal Clan Matheson keyring bearing motto Fac Et Spera

    Metal Clan Matheson keyring

  • Metal keyring - Clan McEwen

    Metal Clan McEwen keyring

  • Je Suis Prest

    Steel Clan Fraser of Lovat keyring

  • Metal Clan Yes key fob