Bronze Clan Fraser of Lovat keyring


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Clan Fraser of Lovat keyring in bronze.  The Fraser of Lovat stag head within a circular belt and buckle design bearing the motto “Je Suis Prest”, I am Ready.

Printed by iMaterialise in bronze, brass or copper with a choice of finishes.


Clan Fraser of Lovat

Clan Fraser of Lovat is a junior clan of Clan Fraser from the Inverness area.  Clan Fraser of Lovat has its own clan chief and a different clan crest and tartan from Clan Fraser.    

Our Clan Fraser of Lovat crest bears the stags head  within a circular belt design and the clan Fraser motto "Je Suis Prest", I am Ready.

The design, incorporating the clan crest within a circular belt and buckle can be worn by clan members and anyone with a family name associated with clan Fraser of Lovat.

Clan Fraser of Lovat was recently romanticized in the hit TV series Outlander as the clan of Jamie Fraser played by Sam Heughan.

Design Notes

This item is 3d printed in wax and then cast in bronze and is available in a range of finishes.  The surface finish is smooth and the polished versions have a luxurious shine.  

Click through to the iMaterialise site to check all the material options and prices.


6cm tall x 4cm wide x 0.5cm at the thickest point.

2.36" tall x 1.57" wide x 0.24" at the thickest point.

3D Printed to Order

This item was designed by Celtic3D and is 3D Printed to-order by iMaterialise.  When you place an order, iMaterialise will print the design and ship direct to you.  Worldwide shipping is available.   Detailed tracking of the shipment will be available for the iMaterialise site.

iMaterialise offers a range of printing materials for this item.  As well as polished bronze,  cast brass with gold or silver plate are also available.  Pricing and production times vary depending on the material you choose.


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