Celtic Cross – Customizable


Celtic Cross – customizable. 3d printed to order with your own logo and text message.

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Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross with a classic cross and circle design and celtic knot panels on the front and reverse.

Celtic crosses are very common across Scotland and Ireland as public monuments or memorials.  The basic design has been in continuous use since the early days of Christianity up to the present day.  Some sources say that the circle elements of the design represent eternity and this may even pre-date Christianity.


The model is customizable and 3d printed to order.  There is space on the front of the base panel to apply a black and white logo.  The black areas of your image are raised to a maximum of 0.7mm for pure black,  while white areas remain flat.  There is also space on the front edge of the base that can take up to 16 characters of text.

If you need help creating or cleaning up an image file to fit on this model, please contact us.

I can’t believe it’s not granite

There are several colours and material choices to choose from,  the exact price will vary slightly depending on the material and finish chosen.  Although not the cheapest, we have set the default material as polished metallic plastic,  a nylon material filled with Aluminum dust that gives the surface the same sort of sparkle as silica in granite.  We are really excited about this material.  Celtic3d is based in Aberdeen, Scotland, famous for its granite buildings.  Having seen how the metallic plastic looks so similar to granite, we are scanning a beady eye over a whole city full of historic buildings and monuments and wondering what to model next.

To see the full range of materials and prices,  and to see how your image file and text looks mounted on the front,  click through to the Shapeways site.


  • Height: 12.65cm / 5″
  • Width: 5cm / 1.98″
  • Depth: 3.7cm / 1.5″



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