Metal Clan Gordon key fob


Clan Gordon key-ring.  Clan crest within a belt, traditionally an emblem of clan membership.

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Clan Gordon

Key-ring with the Clan Gordon crest within a belt design bearing the motto "By Dand" which has no direct translation but is often taken as a shortened form of bide and fecht, or stand and fight.

The design with a circular belt enclosing the clan crest, is traditionally used by members of the clan and those with family names associated with clan Gordon. 

There are several branches or septs of Clan Gordon,  all of which use the same clan crest.

The stag head we used for the Gordon crest is modelled on the stag head found in the Gordon Highlanders cap badge, specifically the form used for the rank and file.  There is also an "officers" version of the stag head which is less flattened and often cast in Silver.  We based the choice on the author's brief but very enjoyable service with the local Gordon Highlander TA units in Peterhead and Aberdeen.  Of course, this is a bit of a circular reference, as originally, the design of the Gordon Highlanders' cap badge would have been based on the Clan Gordon crest.  

We did model a Gordon Highlander cap badge but, as the local Gordon Highlander museum relies on revenue from it's shop for it's upkeep,  we are not offering the Gordon Highlander badge for sale.   Why not check out the Museum shop to see what they have to offer. 


There is space on the reverse of the crest to add up to 15 letters (including spaces) to personalise the key ring.  You can also add a small black and white image which will appear below the lettering.   The letters and image you add are moulded onto the 3d model as raised relief (embossed) before the product is printed in steel.  This gives a type of customisation not possible with normal manufacturing techniques or engraving.

Click through the the Shapeways site to see how your lettering will look on the crest.

If you need help with creating or cleaning up an image file to use with this product,  contact us, we would be delighted to help.

Design Notes

This item is printed by Shapeways in a range of steel finishes.  


6cm tall x 4cm wide x 0.6cm at the thickest point.

2.36" tall x 1.57" wide x 0.24" at the thickest point.

3D Printed to Order

This item was designed by Celtic3d and is 3d Printed to-order by Shapeways.  When you place an order, Shapeways will print the design and ship direct to you.  Worldwide shipping is available.   Detailed tracking of the shipment will be available for the Shapeways site.

Pricing and production times vary depending on the material you choose.

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