Metal Clan MacIntosh key fob


Metal Clan McIntosh key-ring.


Clan MacIntosh

There are several branches or septs of Clan MacIntosh,  which use the same clan crest.  The crest is a Scottish Wildcat within a the traditional belt and buckle design worn by clansmen / clanswomen and bears the motto "Touch not the cat bot a glove" on the belt.  A reference to the fierce and independent reputation of the wildcat.


The heraldic rules about how the front of the crest is depicted are quite strict.  We wanted to present an authentic representation of the crest and so do not apply customisation on the front.   There is space on the reverse of the crest to add your own lettering and by uploading a small black and white image.  Your text and image are added to the model as raised relief (embossed) before the item is 3d printed in steel.  This gives customisation that would be impossible using traditional manufacturing techniques and personalisation that could not be achieved with engraving.

If you need help creating a suitable image to use with this design,  contact us, we would be very happy to help.  When you click through to the Shapeways site using the "Buy on Shapeways" button,  you get a preview of what the item looks like with your text and customised image applied.

Design Notes

A loop on the top edge of the crest allows you to attach a key-ring (not included).

This item is 3d printed in steel in a range of finishes.  The key ring has a nice weight without being too heavy to carry around in your pocket.


6cm tall x 4cm wide x 0.6cm at the thickest point.

2.36" tall x 1.57" wide x 0.24" at the thickest point.

3D Printed to Order

This item was designed by Celtic3d and is 3d Printed to-order by Shapeways.  When you place an order, Shapeways will print the design and ship direct to you.  Worldwide shipping is available.    Detailed tracking of the shipment will be available on the Shapeways site.

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