Metal Clan Gunn keyring


Clan Gunn keyring.  Clan crest within a belt, traditionally an emblem of clan membership.

Printed by Shapeways in steel with a choice of finishes.


Clan Gunn

Clan Gunn crest bearing the clan motto in Latin "Aut Pax Aut Bellum", Either Peace or War.

The crest within a belt design can be worn by anyone associating themselves with Clan Gunn, including those with family names linked to the clan.


Personalize the crest by adding your own text and logo to the reverse.  There is space for you to specify up to 14 letters and upload your black and white logo file which are applied to the keyring as raised relief before the item is 3d printed as a solid item in steel.

Click on the "Buy on Shapeways" button to see a preview of what the keyring looks like with your own text and image.

If you need help creating a suitable image file, please get in touch, we would be glad to help.

Design Notes

This item is 3d printed in steel and available in a number of finishes. The key-ring has a nice weight to it without being too heavy.

Click through to the Shapeways site to check all the material options and prices.


6cm tall x 4cm wide x 0.6cm at the thickest point.

2.36" tall x 1.57" wide x 0.24" at the thickest point.

3D Printed to Order

This item was designed by Celtic3D and is 3D Printed to-order by Shapeways.  When you place an order, Shapeways will print the design and ship direct to you.  Worldwide shipping is available.   Detailed tracking of the shipment will be available for the Shapeways site.

Shapeways offers a range of printing materials. Pricing and production times vary depending on the material you choose.


3d printed metal


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