Metal Thistle flag pole finial


Steel Thistle flag-pole finial.  Printed by Shapeways in a range of finishes.  Suitable for hand-held flag-poles up to 40mm in diameter.

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Thistle flag pole finial printed in steel in a choice of finishes by Shapeways.

Fits pole sizes up to 40mm in diameter, typically a hand-held size rather than a permanent flag pole.  The finial attaches to your pole via a 6mm threaded bolt (not supplied).

Please check the dimensions and method of fixing to your pole carefully before ordering.

Height: 110mm; Outside diameter at base: 45mm; Inside diameter at base 40.1mm.

Thistle finial. Exact dimensions.

6mm threaded hole at base
Thistle finial, fixing. 6mm threaded hole.
Thistle Finial, height 110mm, width 45mm.
General view with dimensions.

Due to the threaded hole being sized for an M6 bolt,  this model is not suitable for scaling up or down to fit specific pole sizes.   If you need a specific size and would like to request adjustments, please use the contact form on this site.  Please be as accurate as possible in your measurements.

This is the type of fitting needed for your pole.  The thread is M6 size and is sunk into the shaft of the pole leaving a few cm protruding to engage with the finial.

Fixing on the pole needed to attach the finial.
Fixing on the pole needed to attach the finial.


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