Plastic Scottish Flag Decoration


Scottish flag decoration.  The belt design is traditionally an emblem of clan membership.
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Light-weight decoration with Scottish Flag emblem and the word “Scotland” embossed on the belt . Give your holiday celebrations a Scottish theme. Perfect for hanging on the tree.

The flag of Scotland, the cross of St Andrew,  is also known as the Saltire and is one of the oldest national symbols in the world.

The belt design is traditionally used to show membership of a Scottish clan and would usually incorporate the heraldic crest granted to the clan chief, and the clan motto.  Clan crests can be worn by anyone associating themselves with the clan.  Heraldic crests are only granted to individuals.

Although this is a general design and not an official crest that represents any particular clan,  it seems fitting to provide a design that can be used by anyone who wants to associate themselves with Scotland,  no matter what their family name or heritage might be.

Design Notes

We designed this product to be produced in a lightweight, durable plastic.  You can choose to have this 3D Printed in a range of materials and colours.


7.5cm tall x 5cm wide x 0.88cm at the thickest point.

3.03″ tall x 1.96″ wide x 0.35″ at the thickest point.

3D Printed to Order

This item was designed by Celtic3D and is 3D Printed to-order by Sculpteo.  When you place an order, Sculpteo will print the design and ship direct to you.  Worldwide shipping is available and Sculpteo are pretty quick at producing the items.  Detailed tracking of the shipment will be available for the Scuplteo site.

Sculpteo offers a range of printing materials from plastic, resin, alumide or metals.  Pricing and production times vary depending on the material you choose.


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