Scottish Unicorn, customizable model


A Scottish Unicorn with option to add custom text and logo to the shield in raised relief.  Available in white strong and flexible plastic or metallic plastic.

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The Scottish Unicorn

Few nations can claim to have a national symbol as cool as Scotland.   The Unicorn has been Scotland’s national animal since the 12th century.  Considered so dangerous, in heraldry the it is always depicted with a chain but also as a wild, untameable spirit, fierce and courageous.  It is not just a horse with a horn either, it has the tail of a lion and cloven feet.

When modelling our Unicorn, we chose our favorite bits from several real examples around Scotland. Most town squares in Scotland have a merket cross marking the place for public gatherings and many of these squares have a unicorn, often on a stone column.

Customisation Options

Add your own text and logo to the shield.  Customizable with space for an image and a row of text which is added to the model as raised detail (embossed) onto the shield before it is 3d printed to order.  This provides a type of customization not possible with traditional manufacturing techniques or engraving.

Click the “Buy from Shapeways” button to see a preview of your text and logo on the shield.


Available in strong and flexible plastic or acrylic from Shapeways.


11.93 cm (4.7″) tall.

The video shows a spin-round animation of the model from all angles.


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