3d printed mini-me

Make Your Avatar

Make a complimentary mini version of yourself which will stand beside our 3-metre wind turbine model.  Your model is made to scale so you will have an idea of what you would look like standing beside the real thing!

Once you have personalised your avatar your unique 3d model will be sent to MAKE Aberdeen where the 3D printer will produce your ‘mini-me’.  This model will then be transported and installed into the exhibitions at:


Balmedie Library.  1st - 10th February 2018*

Aberdeen Central Library. 13th - 22nd February 2018*

When you visit the exhibition you can take your avatar home with you to commemorate the wind farm and its innovations.

Please remember to bring your confirmation email, with your batch number to the exhibition, in order to be able to collect your avatar. #ABERDEENAVATAR

*Please check library opening and closing times.

Register for your Avatar

If you register and sign-in you will be able to submit your complimentary Avatar to be 3d printed! Only available if you can pick-up your Avatar in-person from the Balmedie Library or Aberdeen Central Library between the dates shown.

3d printed by Make Aberdeen

To take a screenshot of your Avatar on an iPhone or iPad, press the sleep/wake/power button (at the top-right or on top of your device) and press the Home button (below the screen) at the same time.  Share your Avatar on your social media channels using the hashtag #AberdeenAvatar

Use the Windows Snipping Tool to grab a picture of your Avatar and share it on your social media channels using the hashtag #AberdeenAvatar.

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