3d printed unique avatars

Avatar Conclusion


Our collaborative project between Vattenfall, Make Aberdeen and Celtic3d has now drawn to a close.  Looking back, We are delighted with the response to the campaign.  

Members of the public were invited to make a complimentary mini version of themselves which stood beside a 3-metre wind turbine model during two exhibitions in February. 

Made to scale, the models gave an idea of what you would look like standing beside the real thing!  


Balmedie Library

The Balmedie Library exhibition ran from 1st to 10th February.  

Aberdeen Central Library

The Aberdeen Central Library exhibition ran from 13th to 22nd February.

3d printed by Make Aberdeen

European Offshore Wind Deployment Center


Here are a few of our favourite images from the exhibitions… 

Behind the Scenes

A look at the 3d printing process at Make Aberdeen.  Celtic3d created the software that produced the model files,  Make then load them into their 3d printer and deliver them to the exhibitions.

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