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3d printing for Architectural Models

3d printing is an excellent way to produce physical models to visualise and communicate your architectural design.  Paper plans and 2d graphics have their place but involve your audience having to do some mental gymnastics to imagine how it might look.    A physical model is a powerful and effective way to engage with stakeholders.  A  physical model on the table will spark discussion and have your audience leaning in for a closer look.

The scale and level of detail required depends on what you are trying to communicate.  We can produce the external shape and form or include internal detail with cut-away and lift-off sections.   Take a look at one of our recent projects as an example where internal detail was important.

We can produce models from your existing digital assets.  We can import and process CAD generated with common BIM software or work from your rough sketches and dimensions.    Processing involves unifying loose parts into a single "manifold" object that can be 3d printed.   Where necessary, we thicken walls and adjust levels of detail to make them printable but in a way that respects the exterior dimensions and appearance, paying particular attention to your brief and the idea you need the model to communicate.

Celtic3d can incorporate 3d printing into your workflow as an inexpensive, rapid way to get some additional value from your digital assets and help improve your client engagement. 

Product Prototypes

Show off your product concepts to prospective clients with a 3d printed model.  Once a 3d model has been created digitally,  it is relatively inexpensive to produce copies or make adjustments in an iterative design process.   Check and adjust the form of your design before committing to lengthy and expensive tooling.  

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Request a quote

We will provide a quote for our services and confirm the details with you before proceeding with your order.  The quote will include the price and delivery date for your model.

Price Guide

Prices are calculated from two factors.  The design effort (including the effort to converting CAD files and preparing them for print) and the manufacturing cost.  Our rates are GBP 60 per hour or GBP 500 per day. Manufacturing cost is most heavily influenced by the volume in mm³ of material used and varies significantly for a small change in size.


Modelling / CAD file transformation: A modern, rectangular, 2 storey building would typically take less than a day.  A complex multi-storey building or curved forms might take 2 days.  A large Victorian building with lots of intricate mouldings, statues and columns might take multiple days.   

Manufacture:  A rectangular building, made hollow to save on material costs, standing 20cm tall. (20cm x 10cm x 20cm) with a volume of 2,820cm³ would cost around GBP 450 to manufacture using our highest quality processes.  However, the same shape reduced in size by 25% to 15cm x 7.5cm x 15cm tall, with a volume of 1,660cm³ would only cost around GBP 220 to manufacture.  

We will work with you to get the right balance of finish quality, size, level of detail and price and confirm the details with you in our quote.

Lead Times

We will provide a delivery date with our quote.  For more complex jobs, it might make sense to build in some review points to check the design as it progresses, in those cases, we will make that clear in the quote.

Lead times of 15 working days are typical for plastic and resins.  Some materials - especially plated metals and ceramics, take a bit longer.    If you have a tight deadline we will try to help out where possible and we will give a quick response to whether we can meet your deadline or not.  

More Information

You can read more about the processes and services we offer here.

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