Celtic Design, Clan Crests and Scottish tradition

About Us

Celtic3d is a small business based in Aberdeen, Scotland producing products of Scottish and Celtic design.  

We focus on the topics that interest us,  3d modelling and 3d printing,  digital art,  Scottish and Celtic heritage,  and technology.   Celtic3d is what you get when you fuse those things together.

We are working through the list of Scottish Clans and designing and modelling the crests.  Remaining faithful to the official heraldic descriptions, while also devising option that allow you to personalize.  Once we have created our 3d model file we start most off as key-rings, but the same design can form the starting point for anything from crest badges to cabinet handles, wall-plaques,  jewellery.  

We are always looking for ideas and inspiration to add to our growing portfolio,  if you are looking into your Scottish ancestry or genealogy and would like us to prioritize your clan, or have an idea we could create and you could personalize, we would love to hear from you.

How it works

We have built a virtual, online factory.  

We feed in our designs and create personalization options for you.  You (hopefully) find something you like, customize and buy.  

We use a selection of online 3d printing bureaus and a wide range of materials (including plastics, metals and ceramics) to make your items to-order.  

Delivery times vary per material and are made clear during checkout.   Because items are made to-order, a production and shipping time of around 15 days is typical. 

For Makers that have access to their own 3d printer,  we offer many 3d printer files for download, some of them for free.  We don't upload our models to any of the online market-places so here is the only place you can (legitimately) get your hands on these models.   

Read more about our plans and functionality coming to this site soon.

In the News

"...[Celtic3d] creates gorgeous keychains inspired by the deep traditional heritage of Scotland. Most of Gavin’s designs are customizable, reflecting his (and our!) belief that personalization is a key component to the success of his Shapeways shop."

Shapeways Designer Spotlight: August 2016

"...Celtic3d draws upon rich historical research into medieval Scottish symbols for the creation of impressive relief designs for his keychains."

CAD Jewellery Skills: August 2016
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