3d modelling and 3d printing service

3d modelling and 3d printing services
Put your ideas on the table
3d Modelling Services
3d modelling and 3d printing services
linked to industry leading digital fabrication
3d Modelling Services
3d modelling and 3d printing services
show the detail that tells your story
3d Modelling Services
3d modelling and 3d printing services
take your designs on the road
3d Modelling Services
3d modelling and 3d printing services
engage your audience.
3d Modelling Services

COVID-19: Service Status

Update 15th October:  We are accepting and working on orders and projects as normal.  

We are restricting site-visits and meetings are by phone or video.    

Thank you for your patience as we all work through this difficult period.


Digital Modelmakers

Celtic3d specializes in creating digital 3d content for 3d printing and digital fabrication. 

We take your ideas, CAD files, 2d plans or sketches and produce physical prototypes and models using a range of materials.

Physical models help you engage more effectively with your customers. Nothing grabs attention and communicates an idea quite as well as a physical model. 

We work with you to choose an appropriate scale and material and make sure the model is not only the right shape but also has the right look and gives the right impression.

We use a mix of in-house capability and our network of trusted suppliers to provide industry-leading digital manufacturing services using the latest technology and factory-scale processes.

Our in-house capabilities include CNC for cutting and engraving in wood and plastic sheet, airbrush painting and finishing, resin pressure casting and general scratch modelmaking.

Our services are modular.    We can take care of the whole process end-to-end or select from:

  • CAD design
  • Digital mesh modelling
  • 3d printing
  • CNC (in wood and plastics)
  • Signage and labels 
  • Acrylic cases
  • Hardwood plinths & bases
  • Model making
  • Custom transit cases with fitted foam
  • Peli cases with fitted foam

Make your design the centre of attention.

CAD Services

Take the first steps to realizing your product ideas

Lightweight CAD Services

We can help create 2D and 3D CAD drawings to bring your idea a step closer to reality.
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Engineering Models

Show off your equipment, explain how it works and engage better with your audience.

3d Printed Engineering Models

3d printed scale models from your CAD files.
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Architectural Models

Communicate your design in the most intuitive and engaging way possible.

3d Printed Architectural Models

3d printed scale models from your Revit or SketchUp projects, or from reference images.
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Maker Resources

3d model files and other resources for hobby or professional use.

Maker Resources

If you have access to your own 3d printer or CNC router, we have a range of 3d Model Files available to download.

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