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Lightweight CAD Services

Are you looking for a flexible and inexpensive way to get started  with your product development?  Then, our lightweight CAD Services aim to boost your efforts in developing your idea into a marketable product.

From your initial concept, we create your design in Autocad Fusion 360™ software.  Each project lives in its own secure space which can be accessed online (requires a free-to-setup Autodesk™ account).  Within the secure project space, collaboration tools allow you to review and comment as your design develops in real-time.


Our pricing for CAD work aims to be simple, predictable and within your control.    We provide you with an up-front quote based on how many hours the work should take, and charge a simple hourly fee. 

Private Collaboration Space

You access to all the design files, drawings and documents from your project space.  You can access and download your files at any time.  The example project below gives an idea of what to expect.  however, this example is a public project open to everyone rather than a secured private project.  There are some functionality differences between the two modes. E.g. you can’t download the model files from a public project.

An example project.

Make your prototype

Once you are happy with your design, we can make it for you in a range of materials. Take a look at our Engineering Models section to get an idea of the range of capabilities at your disposal.  We will guide you through the choices and price options.   You are free to download your CAD design and make your own arrangements for 3d printing or manufacturing.  The choice is yours.


While we can help create prototypes and proof of concept models.  You remain responsible for the design and whether it is fit for its intended purpose.  

It can be critical to get competent advice if your design needs to consider safety, manufacturability, loads and strains, comply with standards or regulations etc..  As your design develops, we may flag to you that you need to bring in additional expertise or if it is time to engage with potential manufacturing partners to advise on the next steps.  

If we have concerns about proceeding with a design, we reserve the right to withdraw from the project at any time.


We take all responsible and reasonable measures to ensure your project remains private.   We will never disclose design details shared with us in confidence.  If required, we can enter into a specific Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for your project and also ensure that all suppliers we use in the manufacturing process are covered by back-to-back formal Non-Disclosure Agreements.

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Andrew MacKay
Andrew MacKay
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I utilised Celtic3d for a unique new project idea (3d model and pyhsical model), Gavin provided an excellent end to end service particularly with regards to speedy alterations to the design. Couldn't have asked for a better experience with something that could have been extremely difficult otherwise.