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About Celtic3d


Celtic3d Ltd is registered in Scotland, no. SC544408

VAT Registration no. 293 4504 91

Registered address:

Celtic3d Ltd.
Bishop’s Court,
29 Albyn Place,
AB10 1YL

Note:  We do not have any public walk-in facilities at this address.


phone: +44 (0)7714 790161  (please note our timezone = GMT+0) 

Our Services

Celtic3d Ltd. provides 3d modelling and 3d printing services.  We take your existing digital asset, CAD file or rough sketch and produce a physical model from your design.  We do the file preparation, where necessary thickening walls and fixing geometry to make the file printable.  We also sell our own designs as made-to-order products or, if you have access to a 3d printer, as files you can download and print yourself.

We believe that the main advantage of 3d printing is the ability to produce small quantities and unique items that would not be practical or economic otherwise.

Where we add value is in preparing the digital files for 3d printing.  Actually,  we go beyond 3d printing, it often makes sense to bring in other digital fabrication techniques, for example, laser-cutting and engraving sheet material where that would be more suitable.   While we do the file preparation and digital modelling work in-house,  we make use of a mix of leading online 3d printing and additive manufacturing services and local fabrication facilities to manufacture the parts.


Confidentiality is important when dealing with your prototype and design ideas.  Where appropriate, we can enter into a formal non-disclosure agreement with you.  We only use services and manufacturing partners where there is a back-to-back confidentiality agreement in-place providing assurance over the proper handling of your confidential designs and material throughout the manufacturing process.


Our portfolio of past projects include:

  1. Scale architectural models where we can model the outside shape (mass) of the building, or show internal detail with lift-off sections and cutaways.
  2. Scale models of engineering equipment, including sub-sea equipment from your CAD files or drawings.
  3. One-off parts in functional materials (a range of plastics, resins, metals and even ceramics).

For more detail on past project, check our article on the architectural model we created for Charlie House.

Although not our main area of business,  our 3d modelling creates digital assets that are often useful for creating computer generated images.  We can texture and light your model to produce images or we can work with a 3d studio of your choice to give them a jump start to create images to visualise your design for screen or VR.  View a small sample of our 3d image portfolio.

We are passionate about making it easier for everyone to access 3d printing technologies.  If you are wondering how to approach a project and need some advice – contact us, we would be happy to help.

Visiting Us

Currently, we do not have premises suitable for public access.   We would be very happy to arrange a face-to-face meeting in Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire / Angus and Moray areas.  
While the digital preparation work and post processing, finishing and CNC machining are all done in Aberdeen, most of our 3d printing is farmed out to large scale industrial manufacturers.  This gives us access to technologies, capabilities at-scale and materials we could not develop independently.   We split our time between digital file preparation, which is largely done from home office / virtual working and our workshop for finishing, assembly and cnc work.

As business continues to grow and expand,  we will be looking for more suitable permanent premises. Check back for updates.  


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Celtic3d A5 Brochure 

Scottish Business News Network (SBNN) article on Celtic3d set-up

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