3d Printed Scale Engineering Models

3d Printed Scale Engineering Models
1:40 scale model of a subsea trenching system
3d Printed Scale Engineering Models
1:40 scale 3d printed model of a generic class III ROV.
3d Printed Scale Engineering Models
1:40 scale model of a subsea route preparation plough
3d Printed Scale Engineering Models
Scale model of a copper smelting plant

Better Engagement

3d printed scale engineering models are an excellent way to engage with your stakeholders. Particularly if you need to explain large or heavy pieces of equipment in situations where you can’t bring the real thing. With photographs and drawings, it is not always possible to show your equipment from every angle or give an accurate impression of its shape and form.

In a sales situation, a model can help you stand out while also focusing the discussion, and the attention of your audience on your design, where it should be.

How we can help

Celtic3d process your CAD files for manufacture, adjusting the model for scale and emphasising the features you need to show off.  As well as using the latest industrial-scale 3d printing technologies, we incorporate CNC cut sheet material and engraving to ensure the model shows your design in its best possible light.

We also think about how the model will be used. The most commonly used material for 3d printed buildings is PA, a nylon that is tough and durable. If you will be carrying the model to multiple clients, we can provide a Peli™ case with foam inserts to make sure the model gets to your presentation in one piece and creates the right impression when it gets there.

Scale models of subsea trenching systems
Image courtesy of Ecosse Subsea Systems, an Oceaneering International, Inc. company.
Peli(TM) case with foam inserts
Peli Air cases for secure, lightweight transportation.
STATS Pipe plug detail
Boardroom model of a copper smelting plant.
Cut-away model of a STATS pipe plug
STATS Pipe plug in a Peli Air case
3d printed models of offshore and subsea equipment

Offshore Europe 2017

Offshore Digital Playspace Alongside the huge scale of Offshore Europe 2017,  Celtic3d was invited to participate in the “Offshore Digital Playspace” a fringe event co-hosted

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