Clan Map of the Highland Clans of Scotland

The Clan Map

The Clan Map

Clan Map reproduced on Google Maps with clickable areas with links to further information. 

The Clan Map

This Clan Map is based on an official Scots Government listing of the Highland Clans and their possessions in 1587 and 1594.  Originally published in 1899.   The Electric Scotland site has a downloadable image of the original paper map and supplementary documents.  

We have turned that map into a Google Maps layer for easier browsing and reference.  It was really interesting to work through the 1899 version of the map and relate it as accurately as we could to modern physical features and placenames. 

You are welcome to embed the map in your own site,  or link to it here.  As we add layers, content and make corrections the Google Maps version will stay updated.

Coming Soon...

So far,  we have pages information pages linked to an area in-place only for Clan MacKay in the far North and Clan Fraser in the Great Glen. We will be adding more information pages linked to each Clan territory , with a short summary of the Clan history and links to current Clan Associations and other official sites.

We would like to add data layers for the Lowland Clans but there are a lot of maps in circulation that have little or no information on the data they are based on.   Ideally, we need a source for Lowland Clans that shows where the boundaries would have been.  Over time, boundaries were very fluid and changed as the fortunes of Clans ebbed and flowed.  Therefore, not only does the map need to be based on credible sources, the dates and timescale is also important.  If you can help with links to authoritative sources, please contact us.

We are considering adding layers for castles and significant places,  what else would you want to see in this format?


If you spot any errors, or would like to contribute a paragraph or two for a Clan Information page, please Contact Us.