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Service Status

Scale model of a hydraulic reeler unit

Service Status

We are open for business.  For the foreseeable future, it will be easier to focus on digital services that do not require physical materials.  Our digital services include CAD,  3d modelling, coding and Augmented Reality.

We can still handle 3d printing, labels, badges and other physical items as long as we can produce these and deliver them while respecting the current restrictions on movement and contact and subject to the availability of raw materials.        

Virtual Working

All our data and most of the software for our digital work is cloud-based.  We can access our software and data from anywhere.   Home-working is our normal.  Our online tools allow you to view and check progress without the need for face-to-face meetings.  Although we do look forward to catching up over a coffee once the world has returned to some normalcy.

Our onsite workshop is small and comes with in-built social isolation!   We are checking in regularly with our suppliers and manufacturing partners.  They report that there have been some supply chain challenges around raw materials, but have secured adequate stock for the short to medium term.  As long as our manufacturing partners can keep 3d printing and the distribution networks keep delivering,  we can continue to create and manufacture models and prototypes for our customers.


We started the year with a healthy order book of models to produce for industry exhibitions,  however, with almost all such exhibitions now cancelled or postponed, we predict lower demand for exhibition models in the second half of the year.    

If you need any 3d design or 3d printing, no matter how small, get in touch.  In this challenging environment, we would really appreciate the business. 

Scale Model Wellhead
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