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Gavin Bain

Technology enthusiast, IT Pro, 3d designer and modeller.

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Celtic3d believes that the main advantages of 3D printing for consumer markets are the possibilities for customization.  The made-to-order nature of 3d printing makes it economic to produce small quantities and unique items that would not be practical otherwise.   With that in-mind, we are developing new capabilities to allow products to be personalised by customers and then manufactured to-order.   Put simply,  we aim to make the same sort of customization options that are already available for t-shirts, available for physical items in metals, plastics and ceramics.

We are also developing services for businesses who would like to offer their own customizable products, enabling them to connect to customers and clients in a more personal way.  We can design and host your customizable product, embed our web-app on your site and streamline the whole process from clicking to shipping.

We would love to hear from you.  Contact us via our contact form.

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