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Technology enthusiast, IT Pro, 3d designer and modeller.

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Celtic3D is operated as a "sole trader" and based in Aberdeen, Scotland.  It is run on a part-time basis, mainly weekends and evenings,  as a creative outlet.  Later in 2016 we plan to move to running Celtic3d on a full-time basis.

Despite our limited-time and the demands of full-time corporate careers, we take quality control of this site, and the end product you receive very seriously.

We will not undertake orders we cannot fulfil and we will only use partners where we are confident they share our focus on quality.  Where we use on-line 3D printing services, we order copies of our own products to check quality and make adjustments to our products where necessary.

We believe the main advantages of 3D printing are the possibilities for customization and the ability to produce small quantities and even unique items that would otherwise be uneconomic to produce.  We are keen to explore innovative developments, for example customizable designs that make our products unique and personalized to you.

Celtic3D produces high quality designs for 3D printing.   Browse our shop for great Scottish gifts, many of which can be customized and 3d printed online.   If you have your own 3d printer, or can access one through one of the many thousands of community hubs springing up all over the world,  we also have a range of print-it-yourself 3d models and digital assets for you to download.

We mainly focus on designs related to Scotland and Celtic design.  Because that’s where we live, and that’s what interests us.

Whether to share an idea for a product, provide feedback or for any other reason, we would love to hear from you.  Contact us via our contact form.

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