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3d printing from your digital assets

We aim to make the process of creating a 3d printed model from your file as efficient and painless as possible.  Give us your file and we deliver your 3d printed model.

Unless specifically modelled for 3d print,  your file will need to be transformed into a shape that the 3d printer can deal with.   While your CAD file will likely contain lots of parts, shapes, planes and other geometry, these need to be unified into a water-tight or "manifold" shape before it can be printed.   As well as unifying all the disparate parts,  thicknesses need to meet the minimum that can be printed in the chosen material.  Other considerations include whether to make the model hollow (which can save significantly on cost);  splitting the model into several parts to optimise the printing process; which parts to print and which might be better achieved utilising different technologies, like laser cutting.  

One day,  sending your digital assets to the 3d printer will be done by the simple push of a button.  The reality today, however, is a difficult and time-consuming process.  This is where our experience and optimised processes can save you time and money.  Additionally, once your file has been transformed for 3d print,  ordering multiple copies is fast and inexpensive.

What does it cost?

Cost depends on two main factors,  the amount of time it will take us to create the model file or convert your design and the manufacturing cost of the model.  There is no charge for preparing a quote.  We will estimate the time involved and use a mock-up of your design to calculate the manufacturing cost.   If you are considering a model to support your current project,  contact us at or using our contact form today for a no obligation quote.  

Customizable Quaich 3d printed in porcelain and glazed
Customizable Quaich 3d printed in porcelain and glazed

The Future of Manufacturing

We believe that 3d printing makes it possible to offer products that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive or impractical to make. With new materials coming available, especially metals and ceramics, opportunities to develop innovative products continue to grow.

However, it is important to understand the limitations.  3d printing is not the answer in every circumstance.   Use 3d printing in ways that take advantage of its inherent characteristics, most notably the ability to produce low volumes, or even unique items economically.  Celtic3d can guide you through the available choices for your 3d project.

Perhaps the biggest challenge preventing 3d printing reaching its full potential is bridging the skill gap needed to create 3d printable designs.  Celtic3d helps by providing a starting point with designs with predefined options for customization.  We can also assist with design commissions with one-off designs and customizable products.

If you would like to talk to us about how 3d printing can fit into your processes, contact us today to arrange an informal discussion.

Services we offer

Celtic3d is focused on the processes to take your idea or digital asset, transform and prepare it for digital manufacture,  arrange the manufacture through our suppliers and partners and deliver the finished model to you.  Although our range of products seems diverse, from architectural models to clan crest key rings,  the processes involved are the same.  

Architectural Models

Engineering and Exhibition Models

Product Prototypes

Clan Crests

Customisable Products