European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre

The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre (EOWDC) is Scotland’s largest offshore wind test and demonstration facility which is being developed by Vattenfall-owned Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm Limited.

Located in Aberdeen Bay, the innovative 92.4MW 11-turbine offshore wind scheme will trial next-generation technology and once operational, boost the industry's drive to competitive clean power.

In the coming months the innovative suction bucket jacket foundations will be installed and in spring 2018 the world’s largest and most powerful wind turbine will be seen off the coastline of Aberdeen Bay.

The wind farm will be operating for 20 years, annually providing electricity to almost 80,000 homes.

Throughout the lifetime of the wind farm, annually £150,000 will be invested in a community benefit scheme. To have your say about how the maximise this fund, take part in our online survey.

From February 1st until February 22nd  there will be an innovation exhibition throughout Aberdeen City and Shire to allow you to experience and learn more about the innovation that will be deployed at the Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm.

How do you size up?

Ever wondered what you would look like standing beside an offshore wind turbine?

The turbines at the EOWDC will stand at an impressive 191m,  which is taller than 2 Marischal colleges, in Aberdeen, standing on top of one another!

One rotation of the turbine blades in Aberdeen Bay could power your home for 24 hours!

Vattenfall is inviting you to take part in the exhibition by becoming an #AberdeenAvatar. Click the link below to make a complimentary mini version of yourself which will stand beside our 3 metre wind turbine model during the exhibition. Your model is made to scale so you will have an idea of what you would look like standing beside the real thing!

Make your

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