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Celtic3d’s support for PrototAU

Hydrogen powered prototype car

Celtic3d Teams up with PrototAU

Celtic3d are delighted to announce that we are supporting The University of Aberdeen’s PrototAU team for their entry to the Shell Eco-marathon 2020 with their prototype hydrogen fuel cell powered car. 

In 2019 PrototAU entered the Shell Eco-marathon as first time participants,  picking up an award as “Most Innovative Hydrogen Newcomer”.  We were please to provide some practical assistance in making their hydrogen fuel cell enclosure.  


PrototAU are a team of business and engineering students from the University of Aberdeen.  They have set themselves the challenge of designing, building and manufacturing an efficient prototype hydrogen fuel cell car.  Remarkably,  the team of students work on the car as extra curricula activity rather than as an integrated part of their course.

The announcement on the PrototAU Facebook page:

Shell Eco-Marathon Europe

The Shell Eco-marathon Europe is an annual competition between over 130 teams from across Europe and Africa.  There are several categories, for example Internal Combustion Engine, Battery Electric and Hydrogen, in which teams compete.   As well as on-track performance in terms of economy, speed and distance,  participants must pass a stringent technical review of their design and build.    

Practical Help

Celtic3d’s CNC capability can cut sheet material while our 3d printing capability and expertise can produce custom parts in a range of materials.  We are really looking forward to working on parts for the 2020 car.  We can’t wait to see what the design team comes up with.

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