3d printed Architectural Models

3d Printed Architectural Models
1:200 model of Dee View Court.
3d Printed Architectural Models
1:200 model of new children's care unit for Charlie House with lift off sections to show the internal layout.
3d Printed Architectural Models
1:400 scale model of Marischal Square, Aberdeen. Showing the relationship with Provost Skene's House in the center.
3d Printed Architectural Models
Wooden transit box for models that need to be portable.
3d Printed Architectural Models
Combining 3d printed and laser-cut materials to achieve the best result.
3d Printed Architectural Models
1:200 model of Charlie House's "Big Build" project.
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3d Modelling and Printing Services for Architectural Models

3d printed architectural models are an excellent way to engage with your stakeholders. Nothing communicates shape and form as well as a physical model. With paper plans and visualisations, you need your audience to perform mental gymnastics to imagine how things will look and relate in the real world. How can you be sure they all reach the same interpretation?

Humans are hard-wired to understand physical shapes without having to interpret and process the data.

A model focuses the discussion, and the attention of your audience on your design, where it should be.

Celtic3d can process your CAD files and produce a 3d printed model from them.   We can process exported files from Autodesk Revit, SketchUp and import almost any CAD file format.

While 3d printing is ideal for complex shapes,  it is not always the best choice for large flat areas common in architectural models.  We incorporate laser-cut sheet material and laser engraving where it makes sense.   

We also think about how the model will be used.   If you will be carrying the model to multiple clients,  we provide a transit box to ensure the model creates the right impression when you arrive. 

Architectural Model

The Big Build Appeal

The Big Build Appeal We are delighted to support local charity, Charlie House with a scale model of the specialist children’s care centre they are

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