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You already have everything you need to 3d print.

3D Builder with Clan Crest loaded

Got Windows 10 and a network connection?

3D Builder

3D printing just got a whole lot easier.  Windows 10 comes with 3D Builder pre-installed, therefore everyone with Windows 10 can open, view and edit 3D model files right on your desktop.   This brings 3D printing within reach of everyone and we encourage you to give it a try.


Recently Microsoft has teamed up with i.Materialise (the same online 3d printing service we are working with at Celtic3d),  which lets you upload your model file, get a quote and have it 3D printed in over 20 different materials.  The available materials include our favourites, Bronze, Copper and Steel.

Step by Step

Simply load an .STL model file in 3D Builder.  Choose “3D Print” from the menu, and then “Online 3D Print Service“.  Follow the Next> prompts and you will eventually be redirected to the iMaterialise site where your model file will be uploaded and checked for printability.  Then choose from the range of materials and finishes and complete your order.

The steps are straightforward, but please bear in-mind that loading and checking large files can take a few minutes.  Be patient and you should get to the iMaterialise screen.  You are then just a click away from holding your item in your hand.

3D Builder with Clan Crest loaded
Load an .STL File in 3D Builder, installed by default in Windows 10
3D Builder Printing options
Select 3D Print via 3D Printing Service


iMaterialise interface
Once the file is uploaded and processed, then you will see it in iMaterialise. Select material and finish and complete the order.


Take a look

We found this nice walk-through video of the whole process on Channel 9.

We are developing a similar interface to iMaterialise from Celtic3d so stay tuned for launch details.

Need a 3d model file? Check out our range of downloadable model files.


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