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Offshore Europe 2017

3d printed models of offshore and subsea equipment

Offshore Digital Playspace

Alongside the huge scale of Offshore Europe 2017,  Celtic3d was invited to participate in the “Offshore Digital Playspace” a fringe event co-hosted by Scottish Enterprise, Elevator and The Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC).  More than 30 innovative companies took part,  all looking at different aspects of the Offshore industry getting the most from its data and digital assets.

Getting the most from your digital assets

Celtic3d had some examples of how to get more value from existing CAD files and digital assets through 3d printing.

We are very grateful to Ecosse Subsea Systems for allowing us to showcase an in-progress project where we are creating a 1:40 scale model of their Route Preparation / Boulder Clearance system.   Also, thanks are due to Charlie House who allowed us to borrow the architectural model we did for them before rushing it across town after the event so that it was available for their next important meeting.   With this help and some models from our stockroom,  we were able to assemble examples of 3d printed models that represented the services we have to offer.  An example that had been digitally hand-modelled from scratch using photo references,  an example of preparing and scaling a client’s engineering CAD files and examples showing different presentation and modelling approaches aligned to the purpose of the model.

The evening resulted in lots of fascinating discussions,  mostly about how models could be used alongside virtual reality and augmented reality as part of an integrated approach.   The innate human ability to comprehend the key attributes of physical objects and the difficulty of getting the same comprehension from flat images and screens.   It turns out that physical models would be used much more widely if they were easier and faster to produce.  Which is good to hear from our perspective as that is exactly what 3d printing can enable!

A very worthwhile event.  Our final thanks go to the dozens of people who took the time to stop by our stall and ask lots of questions.  For further information on how to turn your CAD files and digital assets into 3d printed scale models, please get in touch.

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