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Parts for sale- Reproduction right-hand drive clutch pedals for Ferrari 360’s and 430’s

Ferrari 360 / 430 RHD Clutch Pedal non-OEM

Ferrari 360 / 430 Right Hand Drive Clutch Pedal

Using high-resolution digital scans and working with brogenville, a local Ferrari expert and enthusiast, we have been producing parts that are no longer in production and that are very difficult to source. 

Producing the parts is made possible by the expertise and hands-on experience brogenville has in converting Ferraris with automatic transmission to manual.   This is a continuation of a fruitful collaboration that started with a clutch pedal for another model of Ferrari.

CAD image of a Ferrari Clutch Pedal
3d CAD of the pedal derived from the digital scan data

The original OEM parts are cast in aluminium with selected faces machined flat and threads tapped.   The industrial process to create castings requires minimum production quantities to make it worthwhile.  So, for small batches,  we find it more economical to machine the parts from a solid aluminium block.

Our aim is to produce a part that could simply be bolted in.  To achieve that, we include the press-fit bearings and bushings.  Because the bushings and gearings are already fitted for you,  you don’t have to source and fit these yourself.

We had a number of pre-orders for these parts and, after running a small batch through production, we have some stock that is available for sale and shipping worldwide.

How to buy

If you are interested in purchasing these parts,  contact us here,  or on this thread on the Ferrari Chat forum

If you are converting your late model Ferrari from automatic to manual, and are looking for parts, get in touch, we may be able to help.

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