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Scale model of Dee View Court for Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder Dee View Court 3d printed scale model

Some images of our latest project for Sue Ryder.

3d printed scale model
3d printed scale model
Lift off sections and roof to view interior detail
3d printed scale model

3d Printed Scale Model of Dee View Court

We are proud to support Sue Ryder with their Dee View Court fund-raising efforts with a 3d printed scale model of their existing building (in blue) with the planned extensions (in white).   The model has lift-off roof sections and a lift-off 1st floor for the new block which gives views into the internal layout.   The model is pictured here set against some of the 3d graphics prepared by the Architects.  The combination of 3d graphics with a physical model works really well together.

VIP Visitor

The team at Sue Ryder asked that we bring our delivery plans forward so that the model would be on-show for a VIP visit.  With help from Materialise Onsite and a couple of late nights, we were able to deliver the model for the event.  It was only during the last couple of days that we learned that the VIP visitor was Her Majesty the Queen.   We are delighted to have made our small contribution to the visit and we hope the team at Sue Ryder find the model a useful asset in their very worthwhile fundraising efforts.

Read more about The Queen’s visit to Aberdeen.

More Information

Click the Sue Ryder logo below for more information about The Queen’s visit to Dee View Court,  the Materialise logo for more information on our manufacturing partner for this model and JDDK Architects whom we thank for their assistance in sharing their CAD files.

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