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The Usefulness of Models

Visualising the Space

It’s perhaps not surprising that, faced with unfamiliar surroundings and the need for a design to work first-time, we tend to make ourselves a model to figure out our approach.  So it was with our stall at Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce‘s “The Ultimate Business Show” earlier in the year.   

We were given the dimensions of the space and a rough description of the furniture,  beyond that it was over to us to figure out how to use the space.   Making a scale mockup really helped figure out what type and size of graphics we needed and how much material to take along.    OK, being our first outing we did not expect to win the prize for the best stall in the show, but it was vital that we presented ourselves well and gave a positive impression of our fledgeling business.

Comparing the Model with Reality

A couple of months later, while sorting out some picture folders,  I came across an image of the foam-board model and a snap of the actual stall taken during the exhibition.  Just for fun, we show them side-by-side to see how accurate an impression the model gave.

Mock up of the Celtic3d stand at TUBS17
Actual Celtic3d stand at TUBS17

In this case,  having a physical model of the space really helped us figure out what graphics we needed to produce and what equipment to take along on the day.     Having worked out the details in advance also gave us a confidence boost that we had not overlooked anything important and set us up nicely for what proved to be a very successful day.

Modelling Services from Celtic3d

There are many cases where a physical model can help solve problems or can communicate a concept better than a paper plan or even an on-screen render.   Our 3d modelling and 3d printing services can create models of your designs efficiently and inexpensively.    We would be happy to work out a quote to make your plans more concrete.

More Information

Read more about the 3d modelling and 3d printing services from Celtic3d and request a quote…
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