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The Big Build Appeal

Architectural Model

The Big Build Appeal

We are delighted to support local charity, Charlie House with a scale model of the specialist children’s care centre they are raising funds to build in Aberdeen.  

Since we first started supporting Charlie House in 2017, plans have evolved and this is our second version of the model.   Our capabilities have evolved too.  For this version, we tried out some of our new labelling kit to add some colour and extra detail to the interiors.  

We had the pleasure of attending the Big Build Launch event at The Marcliffe (14th November 2018) and found ourselves seconded onto team Charlie for the afternoon to explain the model (or rather explain the build, using the model) to the crowds at the launch.   It was very encouraging to see so many people already engaged to make this project a success.

Picture by Abermedia / Michal Wachucik

About Charlie House

Charlie House are raising £8m to build a state-of-the-art support facility for children with complex and life limiting conditions in the North East of Scotland.  It is shocking to think that there are currently no specialist respite facilities within a 100 miles of Aberdeen and families are having to either make long journeys or to struggle through without the help a centre like this can provide.  The new building will provide a place for the children and their families to get some respite care.    

How you can help

The team have already raised an impressive £1m of their £8m target.  To donate, get involved with fundraising or find other ways to support Charlie House, check out their web site at:  

About our models

Scale models are an excellent way to engage with stakeholders.   At events (like the Big Build Appeal launch) a model works really well as a conversation starter to engage with people browsing past.  Models also work well in 1:1 discussions, they focus discussion on the design and a good model will help you draw attention to the key features you want to highlight.  

For the model for Charlie House,  it was very important that they were able to show the layout and function of the rooms within the building.   For this reason, we made sure the roof and first floor could be removed to show the interior.  We also created small labels with text and details taken from the architectural plans to show what each room was for. 

Using the model, you can see how the family rooms are arranged separate but nearby to the medically equipped children’s rooms, how the social spaces are arranged and where the admin and support areas fit in.  

When showing a bed or a desk,  we raised the label up to the correct scale height, which really helped bring the interior to life and helps people relate to the space.  Another important architectural detail we needed to include, was the use of tinted glass to create a warm glow in some of the communal areas.

For more information and example projects check our architecture page.

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