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Height Map Collection

Scottish Quaich, personalised and 3d printed

Image Files to use with the Shapeways CustomMaker

Here is our collection of Scottish themed heightmaps you can use with any customizable items on Shapeways that accept an image as input.  You are free to use them anywhere else too.  

Shapeways has a really nice feature that can be enabled on models where the models can be modified with custom text or an image file that is added to the model before it is printed.  Any image file will do,  but for best results you need a good starting point.    Not many people have a handy stash of suitably formatted black and white images lying around.  We thought it would be useful to create some images specifically for use with CustomMaker.  If you edit these files and add your own elements or text,  you  can make something really unique and personal.  

How about adding "Happy Retirement Joe - Thanks for all the fish" wrapped around the clan Gordon Crest, emblazoned on the front of our Unicorn - you know better than us what your friends would like.  That, after all, is the point.  

We hope you will use them mainly on our customizable items in our Shapeways shop, but there are no restrictions.    Use them anywhere you like.  These would also work as displacement maps in Blender or in other 3d content authoring systems.

We will continue to add to this collection,  in particular we plan to add more celtic knots and draw inspiration from celtic art.  As well as the celtic images, we will also continue to add clan badges and crests as we fill out our portfolio.

Step1: Locate a model on Shapeways that accepts image files as a customization option

Step 2: Grab a copy of our heightmap files and optionally modify it with text or combine with other images

Step 3:  Apply your file to the model


How it works

The CustomMaker in Shapeways modifies the surface of the model according to an image file that you upload. You can try any image file (up to 2,000 x 2,000 pixels).  Shapeways recommends black and white for best results.   White parts of the image leaves the surface unchanged,  black parts of the image displace the surface of the model to the maximum extent allowed by the designer.  The shades of grey in the image adjusts the relative height of the surface displacement.

Right Click on an image below and save it locally...


Celtic Dogs
Clan Murray Crest
Clan Keith Crest
Clan Gordon Crest
Clan MacIntosh Crest
Clan MacKay Crest

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