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Introducing Sandy

We are continually scanning for new ways to explore what is possible with 3d printing. We are convinced that the future of 3d printing for the consumer market is in customisation and personalisation.

An idea we have been playing with is allowing you to choose any tartan, applying it to a model and then having it printed in full colour sandstone.

Full colour sandstone is available as a medium with most of the big online 3d print bureaus and uses a slightly gritty to-the-touch material that is dyed during the print process using inkjet technology.

In Scotland “Sandy” is usually (but not always) a man’s name. “Sandy” is the shortened form of Alexander, which can also be shortened to “Zander”.

Use your mouse or swipe to rotate the models.

Sandy MacKay

Sandy Fraser

Sandy MacKenzie

As you can see, we are also experimenting with an open source 3d viewer, 3DNP by Thorsten Schlüter.  We really like it’s simplicity and, by pre-rendering images and displaying those images in a web frame,  it allows previewing of 3d models without exposing the model file for unauthorised download as WebGL based viewers often do.  As an added bonus,  3DNP uses a Blender script,  our tool of choice for 3d modelling.

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