Unicorn – 3d model file for 3d printing

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Model files in .STL format for a Scottish Unicorn, for you to print yourself.


Need a model for a 3d printing project on your new 3d printer and looking for something a bit special (and Scottish)?   Grab this 3d Unicorn model and print an item you would be proud to show off.


Nothing pink and fluffy about this mythical beast, the national animal of Scotland.  Traditionally  a Unicorn was thought to be so dangerous, it is always depicted with a chain.  Heraldic Unicorns like this one appear on the Scottish coat of arms and as statues in many public squares across Scotland.

What you get

The 3d model files (in STL format) for the Unicorn.  The file contains:

  1. Celtic3d-Unicorn_v2.stl.  The 3d Unicorn model with a Saltire (St Andrew’s Cross) on the shield, hollow,  in STL format.
  2. Celtic3d-Unicorn_v2_custom.stl.  The 3d Unicorn model with a plain shield for you to add your own design, hollow,  in STL format.
  3. Celtic3d-Unicorn_v2_solid.stl.  The 3d Unicorn model with the interior surfaces removed so that it prints as a solid mass with the percentage infill controlled by your software.

Printing Notes

Please note,  you will need access to a 3d printer or a facility that can print 3d models from these files.   The files are in .STL format,  widely used for 3d printing.

The shield slopes forwards and has a small footprint attaching to the build plate.  Use your slicing software to add supports for the shield.   Make sure the strands of the mane that point downwards and some of the chain links don’t start printing in mid-air,  if that is the case, add supports via your slicing software.

We recommend printing using high quality settings,  0.1mm layer height.

3d printing using fused filament leaves the surface porous and tends to suck paint into the infill material by capillary action.   If painting this model, we recommend sealing the surface with a suitable primer before applying a final coat.  Unicorns are normally white and the chain and crown normally gold.

If you experience any difficulty, please leave us feedback.

Printing this model via online 3d print services

If you do not want to print these items yourself, you can instead purchase these as printed items in our Shapeways shop.

TIP:  If your 3d print facility charges by material volume, go for option 1 or 2, which, being hollow, uses much less material and will be much cheaper to print.  If you tell your 3d printer that you have both hollow and solid versions of the model,  they should be able to advise what is most suitable for their printing systems.




The model files are provided for your personal use and may not be shared with others, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted,
or distributed in any way, without prior permission from Celtic3d.

You are permitted to upload the files to 3d printing services for the purpose of creating prints for your own use,
but you must not make the file available for download or share it with anyone other than to facilitate printing items for delivery to you.

You are free to make any modifications you need to the files.

You are free to make as many prints from the files as you like.

There are no restrictions on use or selling printed items produced from these files.


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