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Create your mini-me

3d printed unique avatars

Celtic3d Teams-up with Make Aberdeen

Celtic3d have teamed up with Make Aberdeen for an exciting project for Vattenfall and the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre.  Members of the public in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area can personalise and create a complimentary avatar of themselves.  These will appear in two special exhibitions in February alongside a scale model of one of Vattenfall’s innovative offshore wind turbines.  The Wind turbine model (at the same scale as the avatars) stands at 3m tall!

The venues for the exhibitions are:

  1. Balmedie Library: 1st – 10th February
  2. Aberdeen Central Library: 13th – 22nd February

Provided you can visit one of the exhibitions to pick up your avatar,  members of the public are invited to create their own mini-me (link below).

How we did it

Celtic3d developed a web service that can automatically create 3d model files from user input.    Virtually any sort of customisation is possible,  we can add or subtract shapes, apply colours, adjust scale and so on.   We also provide the 3d modelling services to create the components that can be combined.  For this project, users needed to customise a cartoon-like version of themselves on a web-page,  behind the scenes our systems create a 3d model based on the user’s choices. 

Make Aberdeen. our local makerspace

For this project, we worked with Make Aberdeen, who using their 3d printing facilities, manufacture the avatars from the 3d model files. Because we plan to 3d print thousands of unique avatars.  Make needed to download the model files in batches so that they could maximise the efficiency of their 3d printing process, but we also needed a way for users to find their mini-me versions in the crowd.  Celtic3d developed a batch management system to give them total control over the process along with notifications to users to inform them which batch they were in.

If you would like to learn more about Celtic3d can help with your 3d project,  Please contact us here.

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