Emergency 3D-Printed dummy Sgian Dubh

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3D Printable file for a dummy skean dhu.  Can be printed at thousands of locations worldwide via a network of 3D Hubs.


In a far-flung part of the world?  Due at a formal event in full highland dress?  Customs or security confiscated your Sgian Dubh?

Dinna fash.  Go properly dressed with this dummy Sgian Dubh.

Take the file in the download to any 3D Printing Hub or facility with a 3D printer, anywhere in the world.  Have them print out a stand-in Sgian Dubh for you.   You can find a local 3D printer and more information on how to get your file printed at 3DHubs.com

This item prints in one piece,  there is no blade and the sgian dubh cannot be drawn from the scabbard.

Printing notes

The file formats are  .STL and .OBJ, both of these formats are widely used by the 3D Printing industry and both professional printing bureaus and hobbyists will instantly know what to do with the file.  There are two zip files,  one with extra detail on the grip,  the second, much smaller, file skips the grip detail.  Either can be used.

We recommend printing this in a black plastic material.  “Sgian Dubh” literally means black knife in Gaelic.  The gallery images show it printed in white, and then painted with standard enamel paint available from any model shop.

A material file is included if your 3D print hub has the ability to print in colour,  this is limited to a black colour for the grip and sheath, and a light grey colour for the parts that are normally metal.  You are likely to get a more convincing finish for the metal with some silver paint from a model shop.

Printing times will vary widely depending on the machine being used,  as a guide, allow an hour or two for printing this file on consumer level printers plus whatever set-up time required by the hub,  so get this sorted the night before, not 20 minutes before your event.


The model files are for your personal use but may not be shared with others.  You are free to make any modifications you need to the file and make as many prints from the file as you like.  You may not use the file for commercial purposes, including printing objects for sale.


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