GB Coin Holder – 3d model file for 3d printing

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Coin holder comprising tubes to hold a defined amount of coins.  Comes complete with a base that hold the tubes in-place.


Coin Holder

A tray of loose coins
There has to be a better way of organising loose change than this.

Do you seem to end up with a lot of loose change lying around? Need a coin holder to organize those coins so they don’t just fill a jar in the corner of the room?

This coin holder provides the answer.  Each tube holds the coins so they do not fall out and make a mess.  Each tube holds approximately the amount that you can slip into one of those plastic bags the banks use for coins, and the tubes detach from the base to make bagging easy.  The amount of coin each tube holds is printed on the reverse of each tube for easy reference.

I found from experience that older coins are significantly thinner than newly minted coins, presumably through wear.  It is not possiblCoin Holder - measuring the coin stackse to calibrate a tube to be exactly the right size for 100 1p’s or 100 5p’s – but I took several measurements of real stacks of coins to come up with a compromise that works +/- 1 coin in most cases.

I did not make a tube for £2 coins.  They are as rare as hens teeth and everyone I know either spends them as they come, or have a jar or something similar specifically for £2 coins.  There did not seem any point of making a tube for £2 coins that would stay empty.

So, what’s celtic about this?  We are based in Aberdeen where nothing is more important than counting the pennies. It seems fitting that this is the 1st model in our catalogue.

You can download the model, for a small fee, to print on your own 3D printer. All downloads contain both .STL and .OBJ formats.  I am also including the source file as .blend (Blender) file for the model where you can edit and adapt the model to your own needs.  Blender is an excellent (and free) tool for creating 3d models, and much more.

Note:  The download file has been updated for the new 2017 version of the one pound coin.

Printing Notes

To print the copy photographed in 0.75mm PLA, I used these settings:

  • Flash-forge Creator Pro
  •  0.2mm layer height
  • 3 solid layers (top and bottom)
  • 20% infill
  • No support
  • 230°C Nozzle and 60°C build plate.

I found that with a heated bed, there is a tendency for the base of the tubes to spread a little,  so they don’t fit in the base.  This is easily fixed by lightly filing the bottom edges.

Licensing note:  We are asking payment for this item but attaching a license that allows sharing.  We don’t mind you sharing this file as long as no additional fee is being asked, which would constitute “commercial use”,  and the item is properly attributed.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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  1. The GB Coin Holder – 3d model file for 3d printing is an excellent resource for school so practical and engaging. My reception class love it!!! There was the added bonus with the service from Celtic 3d being so fast and friendly I would definitely use them again. 10 out of 10.

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