Celtic Design Desk Tidy / Deep Tray – 3d model file

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3d model file for a Celtic Design Desk Tidy or Tray.


Deep tray / desk tidy for you to download and print yourself.  Covered in Celtic designs.  On the long sides there are the entwined dogs design flanking a knotwork panel and bordered with further knotwork and Celtic birds.  The short sides are dominated with a large knotwork panel flanked by a different Celtic bird design. 


60mm x 168mm x 84mm exterior (including embossed areas),  2.5mm wall thickness,   56mm x 161mm x 76mm interior.

(2.36" x 7.32" x 3.31" exterior (including embossed areas), 0.1" wall thickness, 2.20" x 6.34" x 2.99" interior).

What You Get

After checkout, you will have access to the download .ZIP file containing the model file for the Celtic Tray in .STL format.  After purchase, you can come back and download the file as many times as you like.

You need access to a 3d printer, or make use of an online 3d printing bureau (for example: 3d hubs) to create the physical object from this file.

Printing Notes

We recommend a high quality filament and high resolution settings to get the best finish on the surface details.  Due to the large surface area of the initial layer,  a level build-plate is essential to a successful print.

Pictures show the tray printed in white PLA (biodegradable thermo-plastic) from ColorFabb and printed on our Flashforge Creator Pro 3d printer with a 0.1mm layer-height. 

This model does not need any support during printing.


The model files are provided for your personal use and may not be shared with others, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted,
or distributed in any way, without prior permission from Celtic3d.

You must not make the file available for download or share it with anyone other than to facilitate the printing of physical items for delivery to you.

You must not allow the file to be hosted on any 3d printing marketplace for the purposes of allowing others to purchase copies of the files or of physical objects derived from the files.

You are permitted to upload or transmit the files to 3d printing services for the purpose of creating prints for your own use.

You are free to edit and make modifications to the files.

You are free to make as many physical prints from the files as you like.

There are no restrictions on use or selling the physical printed items produced from these files.

For any queries relating to this licence or to seek permission for use not covered, please contact sales@celtic3d.com


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