Print-It-Yourself: Stag Head

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Model files in .STL format for a stag head on a shield, for you to print yourself.


Stag Head

Need a model for a 3d printing project and looking for something a bit special (and Scottish)?    The 3d printed Stag Head looks great above a doorway or on a wall and (if printed in PLA thermoplastic or similar) is light enough to hold in place with a small piece of sticky tak.

The photographs show the Stag Head Plaque printed on our own Flashforge printer using ColorFabb woodfill.  We love the carved look of woodfill.

Grab this stag head and print an item you would be proud to show off.

What you get

The 3d model files (in STL format) for the Stag head.  The file contains:

  1. Celtic3d-Stag-plaque.stl.  The Stag Head model on a plaque, hollow,  in STL format.

Printing Notes

Please note,  you will need access to a 3d printer or a facility that can print 3d models from these files.   The files are in .STL format,  widely used for 3d printing.

Printing skill required: Intermediate.  You will need careful adjustment of your printer settings to get the antlers to print well.

The antlers will need support during printing on filament printers, add supports via your slicing software.   We made several iterations to this model to get the best balance on antler shape and thickness so that it prints successfully and still looks good.

We recommend printing using high quality settings,  0.1mm layer height.

If you experience any difficulty, please leave us feedback.


The model files are provided for your personal use and may not be shared with others, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted,
or distributed in any way, without prior permission from Celtic3d.

You are permitted to upload the files to 3d printing services for the purpose of creating prints for your own use,
but you must not make the file available for download or share it with anyone other than to facilitate printing items for delivery to you.

You are free to make any modifications you need to the files.

You are free to make as many prints from the files as you like.

There are no restrictions on use or selling printed items produced from these files.


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