Celtic Cross – 3d Model file in STL Format

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Celtic Cross 3d model file in STL format.


A Celtic Cross with the typical cross and circle design with celtic knot panels on the front and reverse.

This style of cross is very common across Scotland.  From Victorian times forward, these are often used as memorial stones for individuals, but older, and often larger versions are used in public spaces and to mark significant events.

Printing notes

This model file is solid, and designed to be printed out on a Fused Filament Printer (for example a MakerBot, Replicator or a FlashForge Creator Pro).  Please enquire if you need the hollow version of this model.

The model file at 1:1 scale is the smallest we could print on our test printer and still have the knotwork detail turn out well.     At smaller sizes, the individual threads of the knotwork will be less than the 0.4mm nozzle size of most consumer printers.    The model can be increased in scale to any size desired up to the maximum build volume for your printer.

The ends of the horizontal bars of the cross might need some support,  the other elements should print without support.

We printed our minimum sized model with the following settings:

  • Material: PLA (0.75mm filament)
  • Nozzle:  0.4mm
  • Layer Height 0.1mm
  • 30% infill and a single perimeter shell.
  • Print time: 5 hours.
  • Heated Bed @ 50 deg C for first 2 layers and then turned off for remainder of the print.  A heated bed is optional for this print.
  • Cooling fan speed: Off for first 2 layers then 100% for remainder of the print.


The unit of measure for the model file is millimeters.

  • Height: 9.55cm / 3.76″
  • Width: 3.84cm / 1.5″
  • Front to Back: 2.85cm / 1.12″

This is the minimum size this model can be successfully printed on most consumer 3d printers with a 0.4mm nozzle size.



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