Print-It-Yourself: Thistle flag pole finial

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Model files for Thistle flag-pole finial for you to print yourself or with a 3d printing service local to you.  Suitable for hand-held flag-poles up to 40mm in diameter.


Thistle Flag Pole Finial

The 3d model files (in STL format) for the Thistle flag pole finial.  The file contains:

  1. finial-Thistle_PIY.stl.  Solid model suitable for fused filament printers where you typically specify a density for the infill.  A 5mm hole is pre-formed in the base to ensure that this area prints with a wall and has enough density to be drilled out or tapped without relying on a weak infill mesh.
  2. finial-Thistle_plastic.stl.  Hollow model with a 5mm plain hole in the center of the base.  Same as the metal model but you have the option of gluing a dowel in the hole, using a wood screw, or tapping the hole with a thread cutter to fix a bolt.
  3. finial-Thistle_metal.stl.  Hollow model with a 6mm threaded hole in the center of the base.  Suitable for printing in metal or a suitably robust material with low shrinkage that can be printed accurately (important for the threaded area).

If painting this model (gloss white or a metalic finish would look great), we recommend sealing with a suitable primer before applying final coat.

Fixing to a pole

The thread cutting tools recommended for fixing.

All models have a 10mm recess at the base to cover the end of the pole for a neat finish.

Options 1 and 2 have a pre-formed, 5mm diameter plain hole in the center of the base.   This is intended to accommodate an M6 (6mm) thread tap (pictured) which will cut a thread into the plastic to take an M6 threaded bolt.

To fix to a wooden pole,   use a wood-screw with a 6mm shaft, like the number 6 screw in example pictured.  Cut off the top of the wood-screw and cut a thread with an M6 die (also pictured).

Option 3 has a pre-modeled 6mm threaded hole.

Some scaling of the model is possible to adapt for different sized poles.  Please bear in mind that the scaling will also change the size of the fixing hole in the base and you will need to adapt your method of attaching to a pole as appropriate.  Note: If you change the scale of option 3, you will not find a standard size bolt that will fit the threads.

Printing Notes

Please note,  you will need access to a 3d printer or a facility that can print 3d models from these files.   The files are in a format very widely used across the 3d printing industry, in the unlikely event you need these models in a different format,  please contact us, we would be happy to convert them to an alternative format for you.    If you do not want to print these items yourself, you can instead purchase these as printed items in metal or strong plastic printed at our Shapeways shop.

If your 3d print facility is using fused filament printers,  go for the solid model (option 1 “PIY”).  We recommend a 20% infill density for the solid shape.

If you 3d print facility charge by material volume, typical for high-end laser sintering techniques, go for option 2 or 3, which, being hollow, uses much less material and will be much cheaper to print.  If you tell your 3d printer that you have both hollow and solid versions of the model,  they should be able to advise what is most suitable for their printing systems.

We were able to print the (option 1 PIY) model without any external support on the Thistle bulb.  You will need support inside the base for the flat surface that has the mounting hole in the center.  Don’t have support in the mounting hole tube,  it will be impossible to remove, and it does not matter if you get some sagging of the surface closing off the far end (top) of the tube,  no-one will ever see it.

Option 3 (“metal”) is the same as option 2 (“plastic”) but “metal” has a threaded hole.


The model files are provided for your personal use and may not be shared with others, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted,
or distributed in any way, without prior permission from Celtic3d.

You are permitted to upload the files to 3d printing services for the purpose of creating prints for your own use,
but you must not make the file available for download or share it with anyone other than to facilitate printing items for delivery to you.

You are free to make any modifications you need to the files.

You are free to make as many prints from the files as you like.

There are no restrictions on use or selling printed items produced from these files.


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