Watson Crest

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Print-it-yourself 3d model file. Clan Watson Crest


The 3d model files for a large format Clan Watson plaque for you to print yourself, or have printed at a 3d hub or similar facility.

Bears the motto "Inseperata Floruit" which translates as Flourish Beyond Expectation.  

The crest is comprised of two hands holding the trunk of an oak tree, sprouting, and the hands issuing out of clouds.  This is contained within a belt to form the badge commonly used by clan members and the septs associated with clan Watson.

Our range of large format Scottish Clan Crests would be ideal to mount in a frame,  perhaps with a tartan backing. 

What you get

Purchasing this item will take you to a download page for you to retrieve the model file.   The ZIP file contains an .STL file with the 3d model.  The .STL format is very widely used across the 3d printing industry.  In the unlikely event that you need a different format,  we will happily do the conversion for you.

You will need some software and access to a 3d printer to make use of the file.

If you have your own 3d printer, you are all set.  If not, you could also make use of one of the thousands of 3d printing hubs springing up all over the world.  There is very likely a hub local to you.  Please note that you will need to pay additional fees to the printing facility to print the model for you.

Simple Scroll Shapes to quickly add personalization
As an added bonus, we are including a pack of scrolls that can be customized with your own text and printed out to compliment the plaque.  There are six scroll styles to choose from.  You get the Blender source file with full instructions to get you going in Blender, as well as each scroll style in .STL format for you to use with whatever 3d software you like.


11.5cm (4.5") wide x 15cm (6") tall and 1.5cm (0.5") front to back.

This item can be scaled to whatever size is needed,  the maximum size is only restricted by the build area of your 3d printer.  We have tested the prints down to 35% of the original size with a 0.4mm print nozzle.  The lettering still printed well at this size.  Smaller than 35% may risk losing definition on the lettering.

Printing Notes

We recommend printing with a high quality setting.   In the example pictured, we used 0.1mm layer height with 3 solid layers top and bottom, a single perimeter shell and 30% infill.

Due to the large base area, it is essential to start with a level build-plate.    

If you have a heated build-plate,  set the minimum temperature needed to get good adhesion for the first layer.  When printing in PLA, we turn our build-plate heater off after layer 2, which avoids warping for the remainder of the print.

The model file provided is solid, i.e. not hollow.  This assumes you will be printing on a fused filament printer where you set the percentage infil you want in your software.   If you plan printing this with a facility that uses a powder based technology (like Shapeways or Sculpteo), it would be much cheaper to hollow out the model and create escape holes for unused powder.   While you could hollow out the model yourself using 3d software,  get in touch with us if you need a hollow version of the model and we will provide that as an after-care service.

For some ideas on post-processing, see our post on creating metallic paint effects.


  • The model files are provided for your personal use and may not be shared with others, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way, without prior permission from Celtic3d.
  • You must not make the file available for download or share it with anyone other than to facilitate the printing of physical items for delivery to you.
  • You must not allow the file to be hosted on any 3d printing marketplace for the purposes of allowing others to purchase copies of the files or of physical objects derived from the files.
  • You are permitted to upload or transmit the files to 3d printing services for the purpose of creating prints for your own use.
  • You are free to edit and make modifications to the files.
  • You are free to make as many physical prints from the files as you like.
  • There are no restrictions on use or selling the physical printed items produced from these files.


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